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Throbbing toothache pain can be unbearable. You can’t speak clearly and eating is simply out of the question. So where do you go for reliable emergency dental care? Paradise Dental Arts, your 93030 dentist, is the office where you will get the prompt care you need.  Dr. Bryan Fujii, a leading Oxnard dentist, will have you feeling better quickly. While no one can foresee a dental emergency, it is good to know that you can rely upon this compassionate practice to treat you quickly and expertly. You can be confident that your immediate care is our number one priority.

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Your toothache might have been simmering for a few days, or come on suddenly. It can be caused by a number of factors: tooth decay, tooth fracture, a damaged filling, a traumatic injury, gum infection, or an impacted tooth. When you have a toothache, the pain can be quite considerable. You may also experience fever and swelling at the site of the tooth and gum. When you have a toothache, often the nerve of your tooth has been affected and, if left untreated, irreversible damage, infection, and tooth loss may result. Ignoring the pain in the hopes it will resolve itself is not the best idea or course of action. As your 93030 dentist, we’ll provide the prompt diagnosis and timely care you need to alleviate your discomfort and get you back on the path to oral health.

While many dental emergencies can be painful, there are others such as broken dentures, dislodged or lost dental crowns that cause less discomfort but affect your appearance and function. As your 93030 dentist, we understand the importance of being able to smile and participate in all daily activities, which is why we also treat these types of emergencies as urgent problems.

Although you can never know when an emergency will happen, it is comforting to know that at Paradise Dental Arts, you and your family will receive timely and compassionate care.

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