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Where can I find an Oxnard Dental Office?

On your biannual visits to Paradise Dental Arts, you and members of your family will receive comprehensive checkups by one of Oxnard’s leading dentists, Dr. Bryan Fujii. At his Oxnard dental office, patient comfort and satisfaction are of paramount importance as we address all your dental needs. As a skilled and experienced dentist, Dr. Fujii emphasizes preventive care as the best way avoid dental disease and to maintain optimal oral health.

At every checkup visit, our patients receive a comprehensive oral exam, a screening for oral cancer and a professional dental cleaning. Dr. Fujii and his experienced Oxnard dental office staff understand the importance of early detection and treatment of tooth decay and gum disease as well as other conditions affecting your oral health. At Paradise Dental Arts, one way we check for signs of decay is with the technologically advanced CariVu™ system. DEXIS CariVu™ offers a new way of discovering caries (cavities) and cracks. Using safe, near-infrared light, CariVu allows us to accurately detect any flaws in your smile.

Oxnard Dental Office

Dr. Fujii also understands how important it is to protect the smiles of his youngest patients and help them establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of oral health. At Paradise Dental Arts, we offer a comprehensive pediatric care plan that incorporates treatments that are essential to safeguarding children’s developing smiles. Dr. Fujii is very aware of the importance in teaching his pediatric patients the value of taking care of their teeth from an early age. As part of our preventive care program for young patients we provide instruction in the proper methods of brushing and flossing along with periodic fluoride treatments and the placement of dental sealants on the newly erupted, permanent back teeth.

With good preventive care at home and at our Oxnard dental office you can avoid the discomfort, time, and expense of dental problems. In addition to the emphasis on avoiding decay and disease, Dr. Fujii provides a comprehensive range of restorative, cosmetic, prosthetic and emergency dental services to meet all your family’ dental needs.

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